I was born and grew up in Waterville, Maine. I studied art at the University of Southern Maine. I work in oil and wax.

My paintings begin with layers. From my past work in watercolor and wax I’ve held on to the opportunities that mixing transparent colors offers. Layers add extra interest, leaving swatches of colors in their wake. These are perfect tidbits for the imagination.

I always am looking for the puzzle pieces to suggest a narrative. Disparate images finally come together and start to hint at some kind of sense. The thing is, all people have stories. Often, they will look at one of my paintings and recognize in it their own story, their own past, their own dreams.

I have exhibited my work in several solo and group shows and galleries in the US and Europe. In 2003, I was chosen as Artist of the Year at the Torpedo Factory. 

I now live in Belfast Maine

703 401 0963

153 High Street 
Belfast Maine

PO BOX 385
Belfast Maine